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SvaLove is a therapy + content based platform that aspires to aid you in your journey of mental wellbeing and growth.

Get access to a team of professionals who understand and guide you with the rich and deep life awareness throughout the process of guidance and healing. SvaLove strongly believes that there must be a platform where individuals express themselves in a non-judgmental atmosphere and explore their emotional needs, block and solutions to their difficulties. SvaLove provides secured and effective counselling treatment to help you understand the root cause of your problems and provide you with intensive insight to solution-oriented ways of overcoming your problems.

A big part of mental wellbeing and self development is mental growth. Share and consume contents of various form that fulfills the purpose of creating awareness, motivating, helping and implying a postive effect to Self and others.

Our Mission

Connecting the Best Trained and Certified Professionals with the People who are seeking emotional and mental wellness support. Giving them the Quality and the Most affordable counselling and therapy services in the World. Providing a platform for Real Influencers and People focsuing on self-growth through contents and other features.

Our objective is to help clients gain insight into their problems along with creating a scope of improvement in life. We work with an idea that there must be a platform where the individual express themselves in a non-judgmental atmosphere, explore their needs and solutions to their difficulties. Svalove believes in 'A better SELF for a better TOMORROW'. We are with you in your journey towards mental wellbeing and growth.

Our Vision

Svalove envision to normalise mental problems and fight against the taboo related to mental wellbeing. A most important aspect of curing emotional/behavioral problems is by developing a better understanding of self along with becoming capable of accepting, knowing and gowing in life with our without an aid. We provide contents and connect you with trained and certified professionals in order to help you acquire skills and techinques enabling you to lead a happier, more fulfilling and meaningful life. 






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What Is SvaLove

SvaLove is a platform that aims to revolutionize mental healthcare and foster a community of like minded people who aspire towards wellness and self-growth. We connect users to practicing therapists and psychologists and provide a forum for content related to mental health, well being and self development.

One Step Away To Start Your Mental Health Evolution Journey

SvaLove focuses on both prevention and cure. Evolve your mindset for your self growth and also keep check of your mental wellbeing.

One of the most important aspects of taking self care is to pursue help and assistance when required. If one feels that they could use professional guidance and help in order to address any concerns they may be facing, they deserve all the support they might need in their journey towards well being. Finding a proper platform that can provide a definitive environment for all your mental health needs can be challenging, which SvaLove MindSpace strives to provide and assures the best assistance and service for your journey towards mental well being.

We at Svalove are here for all your mental health needs!

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ALLYSHIP: If you are confused how counselling works, and why it is important to take care of and enrich your mental health. Take a quick free counselling session and clear your doubts.

If you want to be a part of our emerging COMMUNITY that works with a vision to promote better behavioral health, self growth, development, and wellness, and If you want to express your journey towards wellness and also connect with likeminded people, register your account in Cheer Club and be a part of this impactful COMMUNITY. Let us take this journey towards wellness together and build a space that is inclusive and supportive.