Child psychologists specialize in psychological, developmental, and behavioral concerns pertaining to children and work with the children and their parents in order to provide suitable counselling and therapy for the identified concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

The warning indicators differ from child to child, but behavioral disorders and abnormal sleeping habits are two important changes to watch for. Something may be amiss with your child if he or she is acting strangely. From time to time, all youngsters act out. It's a natural element of maturation and hormone development. Consider seeing a counselor if your behavior becomes exceedingly abnormal and concerning. Also, keep an eye out for significant sleep disturbances. If your child is sleeping significantly more or less than normal, there could be a more serious issue at hand. Young children who have suffered trauma, for example, may be unable to sleep due to nightmares and persistent concern.

While some concerns related to children may resolve themselves over time with adequate care, it is best not to leave it unaddressed based on personal judgment. Consulting a psychologist may help you gain insight regarding your child’s concerns and help in addressing them better.

Not at all. Therapy allows your child to express and explore how they are feeling. It also gives you, as a parent, the opportunity to learn about what your child is going through. It does not imply you are a bad parent if you do not detect a change in your child immediately. Taking the initiative to take your child to a psychologist shows that you care about your child and want the best for them.