Clinical concerns deal with matters pertaining to severe psychological issues that may manifest as a mental. These issues may get overwhelming for an individual and affect their daily functioning and well being. These may require immediate intervention by a psychologist in order to manage the symptoms and help the individual move towards a path of wellness.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Mental illnesses may affect individuals differently. There is a difference between mental illness and mental health. A person with a mental illness may lead a fulfilling life if they have good mental health, and similarly a person with no mental illnesses may lead a poor quality of life if their mental health is poor. People with mental illnesses can function and lead a fulfilling life with the right kind of support.

Psychotherapy helps people to-

  1. Understand and change the behaviors, feelings, and attitudes that contribute to their concerns.

  2. Understand and identify the life difficulties or events that contribute to their concerns, and assist them in determining which components of those problems they may be able to address or improve.

  3. Regain control and enjoyment in your life.

  4. Learn effective problem-solving and coping strategies.